Important Dates

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Pre-submission mentorship application Feb 1 (Tue), 2022
Pre-submission mentorship feedback Mar 8 (Tue), 2022
Submission deadline Mar 25 (Fri), 2022
Reviews due Apr 29 (Fri), 2022
Acceptance notification May 8 (Sun), 2022
Camera-ready due May 20 (Fri), 2022
Workshop Jul 12 (Tue), 2022


[13] Systematicity Emerges in Transformers when Abstract Grammatical Roles Guide Attention
Ayush K Chakravarthy, Jacob Labe Russin, Randall O’Reilly

[15] Grounding in social media: An approach to building a chit-chat dialogue model
Ritvik Choudhary, Daisuke Kawahara

[17] ExtraPhrase: Efficient Data Augmentation for Abstractive Summarization
Mengsay Loem, Sho Takase, Masahiro Kaneko, Naoaki Okazaki

[19] Regularized Training of Nearest Neighbor Language Models
Jean-Francois Ton, Walter Talbott, Shuangfei Zhai, Joshua M. Susskind

[22] “Again, Dozens of Refugees Drowned”: A Computational Study of Political Framing Evoked by Presuppositions
Qi Yu

[26] Improving Classification of Infrequent Cognitive Distortions: Domain-Specific Model vs. Data Augmentation
Xiruo Ding, Kevin Lybarger, Justin Tauscher, Trevor Cohen

[32] Generate, Evaluate, and Select: A Dialogue System with a Response Evaluator for Diversity-Aware Response Generation
Ryoma Sakaeda, Daisuke Kawahara

[33] Impact of Training Instance Selection on Domain-Specific Entity Extraction using BERT
Eileen Salhofer, Xing Lan Liu, Roman Kern

[37] Analysing the Correlation between Lexical Ambiguity and Translation Quality in a Multimodal Setting using WordNet
Ali Hatami, Paul Buitelaar, Mihael Arcan

[39] Building a Personalized Dialogue System with Prompt-Tuning
Tomohito Kasahara, Daisuke Kawahara, Nguyen Tung, Shengzhe Li, Kenta Shinzato, Toshinori Sato

[40] MM-GATBT: Enriching Multimodal Representation Using Graph Attention Network
Seung Byum Seo, Hyoungwook Nam, Payam Delgosha

[42] Simulating Feature Structures with Simple Types
Valentin D. Richard

[48] Dr. Livingstone, I presume? Polishing of foreign character identification in literary texts
Aleksandra Konovalova, Antonio Toral, Kristiina Taivalkoski-Shilov

[49] Zuo Zhuan Ancient Chinese Dataset for Word Sense Disambiguation
Xiaomeng Pan, Hongfei Wang, Teruaki Oka, Mamoru Komachi

[50] ViT5: Pretrained Text-to-Text Transformer for Vietnamese Language Generation
Long Phan, Hieu Tran, Hieu Nguyen, Trieu H. Trinh

[52] Compositional Generalization in Grounded Language Learning via Induced Model Sparsity
Sam Spilsbury, Alexander Ilin

[53] How do people talk about images? A study on open-domain conversations with images
Yi-Pei Chen, Nobuyuki Shimizu, Takashi Miyazaki, Hideki Nakayama

[54] Text Style Transfer for Bias Mitigation using Masked Language Modeling
Ewoenam Kwaku Tokpo, Toon Calders

[60] Differentially Private Instance Encoding against Privacy Attacks
Shangyu Xie, Yuan Hong

[63] A Simple Approach to Jointly Rank Passages and Select Relevant Sentences in the OBQA Context
Man Luo, Shuguang Chen, Chitta Baral

[71] Multimodal Modeling of Task-Mediated Confusion
Camille Mince, Skye Rhomberg, Cecilia Alm, Reynold Bailey, Alex Ororbia

[76] Probe-Less Probing of BERT’s Layer-Wise Linguistic Knowledge with Masked Word Prediction
Tatsuya Aoyama, Nathan Schneider

[83] Neural Networks in a Product of Hyperbolic Spaces
Jun Takeuchi, Noriki Nishida, Hideki Nakayama

[84] Explicit Use of Topicality in Dialogue Response Generation
Takumi Yoshikoshi, Hayato Atarashi, Takashi Kodama, Sadao Kurohashi

[86] Automating Human Evaluation of Dialogue Systems
Sujan Reddy A

[87] Strong Heuristics for Named Entity Linking
Marko Čuljak, Andreas Spitz, Robert West, Akhil Arora

[88] Static and Dynamic Speaker Modeling based on Graph Neural Network for Emotion Recognition in Conversation
Prakhar Saxena, Yin Jou Huang, Sadao Kurohashi

[90] Few-shot fine-tuning SOTA summarization models for medical dialogues
David Fraile Navarro, Mark Dras, Shlomo Berkovsky

[91] Unifying Parsing and Tree-Structured Models for Generating Sentence Semantic Representations
Antoine Simoulin, Benoit Crabbé

[94] Multiformer: A Head-Configurable Transformer-Based Model for Direct Speech Translation
Gerard Sant, Gerard I. Gállego, Belen Alastruey, Marta Ruiz Costa-jussà

[97] Defending Compositionality in Emergent Languages
Michal Auersperger, Pavel Pecina

[98] Exploring the Effect of Dialect Mismatched Language Models in Telugu Automatic Speech Recognition
Aditya Yadavalli, Ganesh Sai Mirishkar, Anil Vuppala


[16] Towards Unsupervised Speech Synthesis
Alexander H. Liu, Cheng-I Lai, James R. Glass

[29] Understanding Long Document with Different Position-Aware Attentions
Hai Pham, Guoxin Wang, Yijuan Lu, Dinei Florencio, Cha Zhang

[31] What “Drives” the Use of Metaphorical Language? Negative Insights from Abstractness, Affect, Discourse Coherence and Contextualized Word Representations
Prisca Piccirilli, Sabine Schulte im Walde

[47] Investigating the effectiveness of various speaker embeddings for multi-speaker end-to-end speech synthesis system using small-sized speech data
Sheng-Yao Wang, Yi-Chin Huang

[55] Preschool Children Speech Recognition for Early Childhood Intervention: Motivation and Challenges
Satwik Dutta, Dwight W. Irvin, John H. L. Hansen

[59] Eliciting Complex Relational Knowledge From Masked Language Models
Arun Sundaresan, Ming Hsu, Zhihao Zhang

[72] Machine Narrative Comprehension in Fictional Characters Personality Prediction Task
Yisi Sang, Xiangyang Mou, Mo Yu, Dakuo Wang, Jing Li, Jeffrey Stanton

[73] Divide & Conquer for Entailment-aware Multi-hop Evidence Retrieval
Fan Luo, Mihai Surdeanu

[77] CSSS: A Novel Candidate Summary Selection Strategy for Summary-level Extractive Summarization
Shuai Gong, Zhenfang Zhu, Wenqing Wu, Zhen Zhao, Dianyuan Zhang

Thesis Proposals

[23] Methods for Estimating and Improving Robustness of Language Models
Michal Stefanik

[24] Retrieval-augmented Generation across Heterogeneous Knowledge
Wenhao Yu

[25] Neural Retriever and Go Beyond: A Thesis Proposal
Man Luo

[30] Towards Gender Biased Language Classification: A Case Study with British English Metadata Descriptions
Lucy Havens

[78] Multimodal large language models for inclusive collaboration learning tasks
Armanda Lewis